Simply Stogies

Episode 64: A Conversation with Andy Sweis of Cedar Room Fine Cigars & Lounge

October 1, 2021

I am joined via Zoom by Andy Sweis, owner of Cedar Room Fine Cigars & Lounge in Scottsdale, AZ. We talk about how he got into the cigar industry and how it is a family affair for him and his brother. Andy talks about staying on the bleeding edge of boutique cigars and new releases. We talk about both the physical space and their online space and the challenges of competing in an online market. We find out how Andy sees his customers as family and how that translates into one of the best experiences I've had in a cigar lounge. We learn about their Cigar Text Club and how they are innovators in the industry!


Andy announces the Simply Stogies Sampler on both their website and via the Cigar Text Club! The Simply Stogies Casdagli Sampler - $90 value for $69.99 - add to cart and priority shipping will be included.  You can join the Cigar Text Club and order the Simply Stogies Casdagli Sampler by texting keyword "stogies" to 1-833-855-6464

The sampler includes:
Traditional Robusto
Gran Mareva 
Super Belicoso 
Grand Cafe Maduro 

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