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Episode 70: PCA Legislative Update with Josh Habursky and Glynne Loope

December 15, 2021

I am joined via Zoom by the PCA's Head of Government Affairs, Joshua Habursky, and State Advocacy Director, Glynn Loope. We take a look back at the legislative victories of 2021 and then look forward to the legislative fights coming in 2022. We discuss the how the PCA approaches the Federal Government fights, and the multi-faceted fights at the state and local levels. We also let our listeners know how they can become involved in the fight, by going to, staying up to date on the fight, and letting your local, state, and federal lawmakers know where you stand. You can even have your local B&M reach out to Josh and Glynn to have them appear in-person or over Zoom to educate and help with grassroots efforts in your area. 

You can email Josh at

You can email Glynn at 

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